Don't Hurry Valentines or Love.

      February 14, was once known as, " Christian Feast Day", but now it is known as a day for roses, chocolate, and cards, a day where many are heartbroken, because they don't have the love they want.  Although women are told  to love themselves first,  they may have convinced themselves, that they don't need anyone, so they are alone. They have become their own biggest heartbreak. 

There are some things to keep in mind, so the next Valentines, you are not alone. 

1.) Drop the Unforgiveness. Forgive yourself for whatever you have done to others, and yes, you have done some things, and deep down you have not forgiven yourself. Then move on, and forgive the person and the relationship that is taking space in your head, and forgive him. When I finally forgave someone from a previous relationship, I met someone. 

2.) Let go of Social Media for awhile, by Fasting. There is so much misinformation and misinterpretation of love and relationships. Bad advice from bitter, people, who only speak their truth and try to make it everyone's truth, to believe them. I sought advice from wise Christians. 

3.) Saying you don't need a man, places you in that position that you know you don't want to be. God designed love and marriage, because the design is, a woman is to be a man's help mate. Trying to to override what God meant to be, by being so independent, will only have you independently alone.

4.) If you are in his pockets by wanting him to give you money, extravagant trips and dates, or paying your bills, remember money doesn't buy love. Why not be excited that one day you can share a home and a life together with someone, instead of being at home by yourself, plotting how to stay in a man's pockets. 

5.) God put it in your heart to have the desire to want to love and be loved, trust the process to Love In Grace. I made a mistake one Valentines by getting upset with someone because he didn't recognize the day. He didn't talk to me for a good while, but during that time I got with God. I prayed and in time I realized that every day I was with him was a day of love. When Valentines Day comes now, it only matters that we're back together, no roses, chocolate or cards but him, and the Grace of God. 


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