Love in Grace

How is it to " Love in Grace "? There were many women in the Bible who did, even though they may have felt battered and broken, or she may have felt like an outsider, a has been, or never been, they still "Loved in Grace." Regardless that these women were not perfect, they had affairs, lied, but God used them in so many ways.

Women of today are weary of being taken advantage of, not being noticed, uncherished, or unappreciated , but the women in the Bible, "Loved in Grace." 

There are women who think they don't fit in, or they don't know how to keep going on or what to believe in a relationship, and at some point they think about giving up, so how is it to "Love in Grace?" 

As the women in the Bible, and as women of today we wonder, wander, and have been wounded and worned , but like then, and even now, we are all kept by the Promises of God, and able to "Love in Grace. "

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