About the Author

Antoinette Denise became concerned with the lack of Faith, that young ladies, and women were expressing for not having a mate.  From each one of the chapters, she can attest to love.

She graduated from Morris Brown College in Atlanta, GA with a Bachelor's of Science degree in Home Economics Education, previously she received an Associate's in Fashion Merchandising, after graduating from high school, and you may eventually see her creativity on this website, concerning fashion.

Not wanting to teach, her other interest was Dietetics and Nutrition, so she took the route of working in hospitals in Dietetics, and worked as a Public Health Nutritionist in Public Health, and retired from is position. Making a turn, she decided to teach High School,  she taught a pathway of Food Science and Nutrition for students who wanted to be Chefs or a career in Food, or Nutrition, later on Antoinette Denise, retired from teaching in 2019. She now likes to write, and garden, where she plants her favorites, roses, and, geraniums. She also takes the time  to teach sewing and consult future designers with their sewing skills, and their clothing lines.

Her favorite book is,  "The Bluest Eyes", by Toni Morrison, whom she once had the opportunity to meet, and be part of the Toni Morrison Society. 

Her most proud moments is spending time with her son, and grandson, family and Iyanna. 

James 4:6 But He gives more grace. Therefore it says, "God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble."